• General objective

    To contribute to socially inclusive development of competitive, sustainable and high value adding agricultural value-chains in Georgia that are able to attract larger amounts of credits from financial institutions

  • Agricultural policy

    The general strategy of agricultural development, development of extension services, development of cooperatives and development of support to agricultural finance of GoG and other key stakeholders builds on the positive results of the Project at general and pilot field levels through strategically targeted visibility actions

  • FINance

    Partner Financial Institutions supported by the Project increase their outreach to smallholders semi-commercial farms and cooperatives in quantitative and qualitative terms

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  • EXtension

    Small scale semi-commercial farms (dynamic family farms) supported by extension services working with the Project have become professional and creditworthy commercial farms well integrated in the value-chains

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  • COOPeratives

    Cooperatives supported by the Project become sustainable and credit-worthy and play a dynamic role in the rebuilding of effective value-chains with smallholders semi-commercial farms

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