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FinExCoop shares best practices for Dairy Farm Cattle Feed Ration.

 In Arkhiloskalo Village cattle breeding is one of the largest source of income for average household. Most popular and productive way is to sell milk to milk collection centers which pay farmers once a week or once a month.  People of Arkhiloskalo face numerous challenges in cattle breeding. One of them is very low productivity cattle that gives very small amount (6-7) liters of milk. One of the reasons for this is using old Soviet Union time equipment and obsolete methods of production of feed crops.

FinExCoop international and local experts are going to work towards this problem and will introduce new crops that are most suited for the village, having no irrigation and only have rain fed areas FinExCoop experts concluded that having drought resistance crops is a must.

Our goal is to increase knowledge in new modern crops and technologies that will increase productivity that will then increase Arkhiloskalo’s economy.

Date —  FinExCoop launched in Georgia. Project aims to decrease poverty in rural areas by providing technical assistance to farmers and to the cooperatives, and to help them to access the finance.

23 October, 2019 – FinExCoop Georgia Project Supported by AFD and EU has introduced new high nutrition value fodder crop varieties to Georgian Farmers. This varieties include mixture of: Triticale, Winter Forage pea, Winter Common vetch, different varieties of clover and etc. The seeds will improve nutritional value of feeds, effectiveness of existing dietary regimes at the farms and to maximize the growth, reproduction, health and higher productivity of the cattle. It is also cost effective and has higher yields which are crucial for the farmers.

The experimental seeds were planted at Nikoloz Benianidze’s farm. Nikoloz Benianidze is the owner of Shiraki + and is a large producer of dairy products which sells to the largest hypermarkets in Georgia, Agrohub and Careffour, as well as smaller supermarket chains such as Nikora and its branches.

FinExCoop’s local and international experts with local farmers and ICC’s attended planting process and assisted farmers.

FinExCoop’s international and local team will train on the demo plot local farmers and Information-Consultation Center (ICC). Demo plot will be used to demonstrate and transfer their knowledge of advanced practices and methods of feed production and introduce modern agro technologies.

FinExCoop Georgia expects with this practices to increase effectiveness of dairy farm and animal husbandry in general. The project is expected to help farmers to increase their market share with better productivity and yield.